Thursday, October 1, 2009

But when it comes to you It seems like I just can't find the time

It's been some amount of time since I have been able to type anything, as the fact that I am now regularly working has prevented my regularly scheduled bouts of bullshitting around. But tonight, we had a reprieve. The pipes are done, I assume they've passed inspection after numerous cut-outs, re-welds, changes to the drawings, revisions, and general fuck-ups. Now we sit and wait for the foam to be inserted into the wall so we can close out the fire watches and be given a few days off before we head back to dayshift for the remainder of our time at ONS. I hope this is wrong , as I highly wish to be on nightshift because I can not stand being on dayshift. There are way to many people here during the days and way to much stuff to do. Plus the sun can be quite irritating when I am trying to remain pale for Halloween.

Hopefully we will have a three day weekend, I am going apartment hunting on friday and have already made plans with a friend to go and see Zombieland, which I am fairly excited about. He understands that we may be a part of the few who will truly appreciate the greatness of woody harrelson and zombies. Or just zombies alone.

But apartment shopping is the main goal of this weekend. I'm moving to SC. I am very excited about this. I feel that it's time for a change. I have lived in Lenoir for a little over a year, and I'm pretty bored with it, plus it's so far from everything. I was told today at work that the crew I am currently on, is indeed staying for an indefinite period of time to work on another project, which consists of 2,000 feet of pipe, 1,300 welds, and 800 hangers. If this project goes anything like the project we are now finishing, we will be here till at 2015, well after the world ends in 2012.

I suspect this will be the case and that I will be able to attend Clemson University after the job is over. I'm not planning much for moving back to NC anytime soon. As long as things go according to planned. There has already been one minor flaw with the plan, as it concerns someone else screwing things up and not me. It was a solid plan, and it would have worked. But apparently I have some "friends", I use the term lightly, that are liars. But it's only temporary and I feel that they problem shall eliminate itself given the approximate amount of time (max. 2 months). I will do anything in my power to alleviate this problem. I will stoop to low levels to ensure my sanity stays intact in the coming months.

I haven't been able to do anything for about four weeks now, and it has made me a bit ill. I'm behind on movies, games, books, and comics. And that is never a good thing. It's taking me three weeks to read one book and I am still not done with it. I fear it will be my undoing. My list of movies to see grows ever-longer, every week. No doubt it shall fill a page by the end of the year and I will be at my wit's end.

Looking back, I see I could have prevented this problem many many months ago had I just tried to think clearly and not acted so much like my usual self. But alas, we humans are creatures of habit and I still find myself repeating said habit to this day. How devious of me. But it is my nature.

I'm expecting the next few weeks to be excellent, and if anyone tries to mess them up, trust me, you'll not want to be around when I finally flip shit on you.

On the good side, I have met an interesting boy. Finally. I hold no hopes. He could be boring tomorrow when I wake up.

That said, I have to go do the last round of the night, a NightWatchmen's job is never done. After all ...Who Watches The Watchmen?

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