Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Brothers Bloom, Last House on the Left, and Friday the 13th.

I watched the Brothers Bloom tonight. I have been wanting to see this movie ever since it came into theaters. I liked it. It was pretty original (from my knowledge), but at times it was predictable. I didn't really see the end coming. Although the entire movie was basically con after con, it probably should have been obvious. I enjoyed it enough. Probably wait till it goes on sale to buy it though. I did like the Belgian. He was probably my favorite part. Bang Bang is another one of my favorite characters. She's the one that likes to blow things up. All the characters are decent enough. It never really explains what's going on with Diamond Dog though.
Basically it's a story about a young man who can't really do much of anything unless his brother writes it out for him. In the end he realizes he can live a life without it being written and drives off into the sunset with the girl for an almost happy ending. The other brother's ending: not so happy. I guess it's symbol isms at it's best. But I don't really understand the Queen of hearts deal, unless it's some off the wall reference to Wonderland. There are a few other literary references within the movie, most are explained. The older brother apparently likes to fashion his cons after great literary works. It's not a must see movie, but it's good for a laugh or two. Like I said it was good enough, but it could have been better.

Last House on the Left. To begin with, I've never seen the original. Older Horror movies don't interest me that much, and for that matter, nether do new ones. They don't frighten me or anything like that. I'm just not into the horror genre. I think I used to be, but I can't really think of any horror movies in particular that I love that aren't science fiction or thriller before they are horror movies.
Anyways, I liked it. It's pretty deranged. The methods the parents use are pretty brutal and the rape scene was unnecessarily long. I didn't care for the microwave or the garbage disposal method of taking out the trash, but hey, their movie, not mine. If you don't know the plot, here it goes:

Set up scenes. Girl goes with parents to lake house for summer. Meets old girlfriend. Girlfriend takes some guy up on offer of Pot ( ah the horror movie no-no: Don't smoke up or you die). Pot-Boy's evil friends come home. Take girl+friend as hostage. Girl+friend try to escape. Friend dies. Girl continues to attempt escape, almost dies. Evil People go to LAST HOUSE ON LEFT. Boy discovers who parents are. Girl finds way home. Parents take revenge. Evil people die. Everyone is happy (except friend, Paige, because she's still dead....and the Cops)

There you have it. Wow. You don't even have to watch the movie now, unless you want to see lots of blood. And someone getting the Peep treatment. The mom and the dad are awfully calm about killing everyone, I believe they are some kind of tag team murder force and the daughters in on it too. Welcome to the family Justin.
Friday the 13th. I'm not sure how many I've ever seen out of the original series. I think maybe 2. I saw Jason X, and Freddy vs. Jason, I'm not entirely sure if I've seen the original Friday the 13th or not. But, after so many years, I'm still not interested. It's even got Aaron Yoo in it, who I love. And I just can't keep watching. It's actually playing right now. I just can't get into the series. Like I said before I'm not a big horror fan. It's got some scary and/or tense moments. But it's just like a gore-fest. I had a friend tell me it was awesome, so I thought I would give it a try, but I just can't force myself to like something.

If you want a typical horror movie slasher, here's you're guy. Lots of blood, weed, and of course sex. Cause the two main foreboding aspects of all horror movies are: If you do drugs or have sex, you will die. The end. If Scream taught me anything, it was that I love Matthew Lillard and Jamie Kennedy, and of course, the rules of horror movies.

Thinking on it for a bit longer, I've discovered I do own at least one horror movie, which is Halloween. I loved Halloween. Even the remake was good. I'm not sure what it is about that movie, but it's a classic, even if it is a Horror movie.
I really just want to beg Hollywood to quit remaking Horror movies, or for that fact quit remaking movies. There are a few remakes I've enjoyed. But there are far more that need to be burned with the rest of the film.

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