Friday, February 26, 2010

Driving to nc.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mini-Dragons! Invading villages near you! Soon!

My next pet: Sylar the Dragon

Number 1: This guy is super cute. And I want one. So somebody get on the move and get to Indonesia to get me one. NOW.

Number 2: Who cares what #2 is! He's sooo cute!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Honestly, I don't think Tim Burton is even worth mentioning anymore. I liked Sleepy Hollow and the batman movies. And Sweeny Todd, but besides that, Tim Burton has nothing. All his movies are the same. They cater to a certain darkness. And they are ridiculous. Beetlejuice has to be one of my least favorite movies of all time, along with Edward Scissorhands, The Corpse Bride, and the Nightmare before Christmas.

If I ever met Tim Burton, I dare say I'd feel the compulsion to punch him in the ovaries.

This is only a step away from giant shark

NEVER EVER EVER say that I am wrong about giant monsters in the deep. This will go into the file for proof that something out there will one day eat me if I ever go on a cruise to anywhere.

Eight Legged Monster stalks the Abyss

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Star Wars / Dubai?

These...are just beautiful. I've been on a Star Wars kick lately. And these just fuel the fire.

I actually went to the website. It was in a foriegn language and I couldn't get it load properly. Here's the closet link I could find....


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dullness.....NOW in Blog Form!

So, I feel like it's Monday again. It's not, but I feel like it. Alot of things are changing at work. And not all of them are good. I recently took a job change, and I think it may have been a very smart move on my part. Or either very stupid. I still haven't figured out exactly which it is yet.

I miss working in the field with the guys, I miss doing actual stuff, and I really miss the people I was working with..however I don't miss the bullshit. Or a number of other things I had to deal with.

I wish I had more interesting things to blog about right now. But I don't so this is what you get: sheer boredom.

On the other hand, this weekend promises excitment. Me and two of my friends are taking a roadtrip to Asheville to visit Empire Tattoo. Dana is getting her first Tara McPherson tattoo. Trent's coming with us. There was supposed to be a fourth in our crew, but he already bailed on us. I've been to Empire once before, and I had lots of fun. There's also this awesome bar there called the Yacht or something? It's right besides Empire and it is fantastic.

Maybe I will have tales of the weekend to write about later. Maybe not.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Buying art always makes me want to draw.

You know, I tried to write a blog the other day, but I just haven't felt up to writing anything.

I want to start drawing again...well more than I am now. I bought some sketch cards and I'd like to work on those some.

I'd also like to start developing on my own style more. Kinda create something that I can put my name on and it be mine....ALL MINE!

Anyways, just a thought.

Also, I bought a kick ass Jamie McKelvie print today. A cell from his comic, Suburban Glamour, is at the the bottom of the page. And you can always visit his site at It's packed full of wholesome awesomeness. As well as the print I bought, which is Balancing Girl. If you want one he is only doing a limited print of 75, signed and numbered. It'll set you back approx. $45 including shipping. But I believe it is well worth it. The pic included isn't the print I bought. I missed out on this one when he had it for sell back in decemeber. He only did a run of 50. The character is Astrid Johnson from his series Suburban Glamour. He also works as the artist for the musically induced series Phonogram. The last issue is debuting on Wednesday Feb 10th. Pick it up....or else.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Higlights from geekologie.

I don't know how to do my own research....but I do know how to promote my favorite websites.

I think the link says it all.....Bahahaha! The link? Get it?

I fear one thing worse than the oncoming zombie apocalypse, which i really don't fear. I'm kinda looking forward to it actually. I've been training for months. And all those skills are just going to waste right now. But anyway, that thing, yeah? It's Robots. NO ONE likes a robot. Even Wall-E has something to hide.
And besides, this robot, it's a cheetah. A CHEETAH! Really, Kelloggs? REALLY?

And to let you know where we stand on the whole Internet deal..I mean, I'm pretty sure the whole Internet craze while die out in a few years anyways....but here it is.

And one from io9. Anyone seen Book of Eli yet? Me neither. But as apocalyptic scenarios go, they say this one has a major flaw and its called ipod. Way to go Apple. Way to go on marketing a device that will outlast most of the human population. Now explain to me why my ipod freezes when it's a perfectly cherry day outsides and I just want to listen to some Backstreet meant Radiohead.

A collection of shirts was my only goal.

All in All, it's been while since I did a post, but I mean, that kind of thing happens. I think they call it life.

In a random epiphany I had the other day while speaking with my aquatic roomate, Sheldon, I discovered I have an overwhelming addiction to pop culture. While I may not get every reference made, I get most of them. I mean why else would one have a blog that discusses Movies and Zombies and many other interesting articles? It's because I'm obssessed. Clearly.

My life centers around movies, books, comics, and music. The more I learn the more dangerous I become and the more my list of Random Facts grow. I'm on #3,115 or around about that. Not that I actually know that many random facts, that's just where the list is at.

But the reason I was writing this post today was this: To showcase the many shirts I have bought on and, in the past weekish. Also to put up a website a friend sent me this morning. If I was any good at playing video games, i would have most certaintly tried out for this show. No doubt it would have been my way in. Never the less, here's the list:

It's a Trap!

Music is Life

Thin Red Lines
No Cultural Reference here, I just really like this shirt. It mesmerizes me.

Soylent Green Zombie
The Website only offers one shirt a day, for 24 hours only, after that it's gone foor good. I missed out on a brillant At-At shirt. So now I visit the site every day. Because I want a t-shirt collection as awesome as Sheldon Coopers. However, I will never own a green lantern shirt.By far the lamest superhero ever. His weakness is the color yellow. Who does that?

Here goes nothing. Expect more posts. I got a new job and I now sit at a computer all day long. Which makes for much stealthy internet surfing.