Friday, February 5, 2010

A collection of shirts was my only goal.

All in All, it's been while since I did a post, but I mean, that kind of thing happens. I think they call it life.

In a random epiphany I had the other day while speaking with my aquatic roomate, Sheldon, I discovered I have an overwhelming addiction to pop culture. While I may not get every reference made, I get most of them. I mean why else would one have a blog that discusses Movies and Zombies and many other interesting articles? It's because I'm obssessed. Clearly.

My life centers around movies, books, comics, and music. The more I learn the more dangerous I become and the more my list of Random Facts grow. I'm on #3,115 or around about that. Not that I actually know that many random facts, that's just where the list is at.

But the reason I was writing this post today was this: To showcase the many shirts I have bought on and, in the past weekish. Also to put up a website a friend sent me this morning. If I was any good at playing video games, i would have most certaintly tried out for this show. No doubt it would have been my way in. Never the less, here's the list:

It's a Trap!

Music is Life

Thin Red Lines
No Cultural Reference here, I just really like this shirt. It mesmerizes me.

Soylent Green Zombie
The Website only offers one shirt a day, for 24 hours only, after that it's gone foor good. I missed out on a brillant At-At shirt. So now I visit the site every day. Because I want a t-shirt collection as awesome as Sheldon Coopers. However, I will never own a green lantern shirt.By far the lamest superhero ever. His weakness is the color yellow. Who does that?

Here goes nothing. Expect more posts. I got a new job and I now sit at a computer all day long. Which makes for much stealthy internet surfing.

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