Friday, February 5, 2010

Higlights from geekologie.

I don't know how to do my own research....but I do know how to promote my favorite websites.

I think the link says it all.....Bahahaha! The link? Get it?

I fear one thing worse than the oncoming zombie apocalypse, which i really don't fear. I'm kinda looking forward to it actually. I've been training for months. And all those skills are just going to waste right now. But anyway, that thing, yeah? It's Robots. NO ONE likes a robot. Even Wall-E has something to hide.
And besides, this robot, it's a cheetah. A CHEETAH! Really, Kelloggs? REALLY?

And to let you know where we stand on the whole Internet deal..I mean, I'm pretty sure the whole Internet craze while die out in a few years anyways....but here it is.

And one from io9. Anyone seen Book of Eli yet? Me neither. But as apocalyptic scenarios go, they say this one has a major flaw and its called ipod. Way to go Apple. Way to go on marketing a device that will outlast most of the human population. Now explain to me why my ipod freezes when it's a perfectly cherry day outsides and I just want to listen to some Backstreet meant Radiohead.

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