Monday, February 8, 2010

Buying art always makes me want to draw.

You know, I tried to write a blog the other day, but I just haven't felt up to writing anything.

I want to start drawing again...well more than I am now. I bought some sketch cards and I'd like to work on those some.

I'd also like to start developing on my own style more. Kinda create something that I can put my name on and it be mine....ALL MINE!

Anyways, just a thought.

Also, I bought a kick ass Jamie McKelvie print today. A cell from his comic, Suburban Glamour, is at the the bottom of the page. And you can always visit his site at It's packed full of wholesome awesomeness. As well as the print I bought, which is Balancing Girl. If you want one he is only doing a limited print of 75, signed and numbered. It'll set you back approx. $45 including shipping. But I believe it is well worth it. The pic included isn't the print I bought. I missed out on this one when he had it for sell back in decemeber. He only did a run of 50. The character is Astrid Johnson from his series Suburban Glamour. He also works as the artist for the musically induced series Phonogram. The last issue is debuting on Wednesday Feb 10th. Pick it up....or else.

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