Sunday, October 25, 2009

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So here's a recap of the past week:
They switched us to nights, and I've not been doing much but working and sleeping. Thus the lack of updates to both blogs. In the spotlight tonight we have:
Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe Volume 5
Moon Called by Patricia Briggs
Smallville Season 1 (Episodes 1-4)

SP: I love Scott Pilgrim. The first four volumes were awesome. And the fifth is equally as awesome. However, it takes a darkened turn as Scott and Ramona's relationship is on the rocks. Also, Ramona dissappers at the end. I'm upset. Not really because she disappeared, but that the Sixth book isn't out yet, and I have to wait in a potentially fatal state of suspense until it hits the shelves. Luckily I follow Bryan Lee O'Malley on twitter and get updates on how v6 is coming along. I can honestly say, that I am addicted to Scott Pilgrim. I am sad it will be ending. But I MUST KNOW HOW IT ENDS! So there in itself is the dilemma. Right? Right.

Moon Called: Let me start with the fact that Laurell K. Hamilton opened up a whole new genre of addiction for me. With, either Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Paranormal Thriller. Whichever genre you wanna toss her brand of writing into. But I am so picky about what I read, that it takes me forever to find a new series to read. It may seem that I am not picky and I read all the time, but I really am. Quick point: I love TrueBlood, and I have the first book in the series, but I decided not to read them. Why? I can't stand the thought of having to read about Sookie and her being the main character in every book. I really don't like Sookie, and until she leaves 'Vampire Bill' and gets with Eric, I will continue to dislike her. Maybe even after then, just because she's so...cheery? Southern? I'm not sure exactly what it is, but I don't like it.

Anyways, Moon Called was excellent. It took me all of three nights at work to read it. Mercedes Thompson, the main character, is a walker. She can shapeshift and turn into a Coyote. Unlike her werewolf cousins, however, she is not Moon Called, that is, forced to shift by the phase of the moon. The book also features the fae, witches and vampires in the mix. Living alongside humans in a world very much like our own. Her character is likable and one that you can relate too. Unlike Hamilton's works, she's nothing of a detective or someone with connections. She's a VW mechanic.

She handles her own very well, but she also has her flaws. Which makes the character all the more real. Whenever she shifts, the book continues to read as if she was still human. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I like how it turned out. Patricia Briggs writes a wonderful story, and I've already purchased the next two books in the series. I believe there is four to date.

The other thing that I like about this series is that it branches off. There's a second series, The Alpha and Omega books, that run parallel to The Mercedes Thompson novels. They are set in Mercy's world, with the same characters, but with different main characters. The main character in the A and O series is a girl who was attacked and changed into a werewolf. I can't wait to get started on those.

So far it's been an enjoyable read, and I hope it continues to do so.

And Smallville: Now while some parts of smallville are a bit iffy. The graphics aren't the best, the stunts need some work, I really am enjoying it. The plots in the first four are about the same. And I'm hoping that it becomes a little more intriguing and deeper than it has been so far. The seasons run at 43.00 each. There's eight so far. So that's roughly 400.00. If I'm not convinced that the plot lines can hold after I finish season 1, I might cast off this series and pick up another one. I'm interested in Supernatural and Fringe as well. I'd like to pick up Lost one day, but not today. I;ve heard good things about Smallville, but I'm still on the line about it. After all, everyone doesn't think the same, ya know?

And for a re-cap of the day: I went exploring. I went to Anderson and found Planet Comics, which is awesome. Def the biggest comic store I have been into. I missed the Greenville Comic-Con by a few hours. It was today. I couldn't believe it. How unlucky. Or probably lucky because i would have spent to much money anyways. I also found a books-a-million and a best buy and a target. So I should be safe in the even of boredom striking. It only took me about 30 mins to get there. So I would say that Anderson is like Hickory. I only wish there were a Barnes and Nobles there as well. They have a mall, but it looked crowded since it was Sat, so I skipped out on that and went home. And baked. I burnt some cookies because I was watching Smallville. I've burned cookies before, but ever so bad and never so many. I just kept forgetting about them.

So my impulse buy of the week was Spiderman/Black Cat HC. Kevin Smith is the writer for the series and Terry Dodson took up the visual helm. I love both of them and look forward to seeing how the series turned out. I've never read any of the Kevin Smith Comics, but I am a fan of his movies. So if the series was interesting, I might have to invest some money in his batman series as well.

I've yet to decorate my apartment, or finish unpacking boxes, or any of that fun stuff that I should be doing instead of this. Truthfully I am having trouble keeping my eyes open and I have to say up for roughly another 2 1/2 hours. I have lots I need to do, but with only 1 day off a week, I can't even find a single shred of motivation to get any of it done.

I'm still debating on if I want to bring Leia up here with me. It will probably be after the first of the year if I do decide to bring her with me. I can see it happening any sooner with the way things are going. I wouldn't mind having someone to talk to, even if it is just my cat. She is, in fact, named after the Star Wars character. Because I'm a geek. Dexter is named after the character in the tv show Dexter on Showtime. Aspen was named for a comic character and Vesper was named after a James Bond Character/ Family name for bats. See? I am a total geek.

Alaska was named Alaksa, bc that's my favorite State. Stella was named that because of the book Stella Luna. My iguanas were named Calvin and Hobbes. And I already have names picked out for future creatures. Because I'm not having kids, I have to think about what to name my animals.

Well that's it for the night. I'm going to get back to reading Monster Planet. Which is the last book in David Wellington's Monster Trilogy. I love this series. The only problem that I have with it, is the origins. I understand what started it, but how did it start? Who was patient zero? How did it escape? Is it just the ones that have been bitten or touched by the infected that become zombies, or is it everyone that has died after the epidemic started? Maybe by the end of this book, I will know. Or I will have remembered if I have forgotten, either way, I must know. Cause knowing is half the battle. Right?

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