Friday, October 2, 2009

Zombie Link of the Day

University Of Florida has a Zombie Attack Plan

Technically it's October 2nd right now, but I'm a little behind because today has been kinda off. I went to work only to be told to go home. So I've spent the evening with my dad and my step mom, Nancy. I may actually get to have a life again and have weekends off. Which would be excellent indeed.

I've read several articles today of interest. Quite a few involving books. So let's get started.

I love Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and I haven't gotten a chance to read Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters yet, but now I've heard the crossovers have finally taken a turn for the worse. It's called Little Women and Werewolves. I don't care what you do to Little Women, it's crap, and I will never read it. I hate western-ish stories. I'm talking books here. I like Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Westerns. That may be as far as my western influence goes. But anyways. I'm calling BS on whoever thought that crap up. Couldn't you have used another book? With a better story? Or maybe you guys should just go ahead and call it a day and quit the nonsense. I'm still looking forward to Seth Grahame-Smith's original release of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I can handle that. But the book thing is getting rusty. I would have maybe at least stuck with Jane Austen novels. I love the books you've created so far, but it's over guys. Really.

Next up: Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater. Young Adult novel I believe. Girl falls in love with a boy who turns out to be a werewolf and they have to find a way to be together so they girl's heard doesn't get broken. I'm over it. At first I was like, well this could be good. I love werewolf novels and such and then I read the summary and marked it right back off my list. Not interested in another book that involves teenagers and supernatural. I'm on the verge of getting sick every time I hear the 'T' word. It's not that it's gone mainstream, I can handle things being mainstream. I love TrueBlood myself. But it's everywhere. It's referenced constantly and ridiculously. And people actually go into hysterics because of it. I get excited, but I don't do hysterics. I'm pretty sure some one has the T flu, because they are throwing the shit up everywhere. Nasty. Nasty. Nasty. Cover your mouth.

Ahh...something good. Here it is' George Romero is writing his own book about Zombies. Specifically, his zombies. If you don't know who George Romero is, you clearly don't understand the relationship he has to zombies. It will be titled 'The Living Dead' and will be released in 2010. Zombies have never went out of style. Sometimes they just die down for a bit and then come back with a vengeance (see what I just did?)

I'm also interested in the novel Blood and Chocolate now. The movie was alright, plot was about like any other movie. No biggie. But I'm now hearing the book was majorly different and was much better than the movie adaptation. It's on the list and I shall purchase it as soon as I finish reading the other 20 books I have.

There was also a book called Kiss of Death by Joseph Locke. At the moment I can't remember if I liked the summary or not and I'm really not in the mood to find it again. Cause I'm being lazy. And even though I woke up today at 3:00 in the afternoon, I'm somewhat tired and lack much motivation.

Alright. I'm not sure what else there is. Well, I guess that's it for tonight. There's the zombie link of the day. Enjoy. I know I considered going to UF for a brief second because clearly those people know what's up. But I dismissed the thought, because on the other hand. It's safer to travel in very small groups when dealing with epidemics of and kind. I prefer no more than 5, including myself.

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