Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Best Laid Plans.

I'm behind. waaaay behind in movies. Where as before I had no job and had plenty of time, now it's quite the opposite. So here's a run down of some recent movies I've rented. Cause I've had no time at all to actually go to a movie theater.

Let's start with the bad.
1. Paranormal Activity. I was sorely disappointed in this movie, although I'm not sure what I expected. It was exactly what everyone told me it was, except I wouldn't use the word awesome to describe any of it. It was boring. More shots of the girl brushing her teeth or telling her counterpart how she didn't want to do this or that, and that it's always been like this. The thing that makes it creepy to most people is the fact that the movie has no soundtrack. There's no warning when something is about to happen. It's just a loud crash, or a scream. It was creepy. But by no means was it something special. I'll lose no sleep tonight worrying about demons creeping into my room or ruining my photos. Cause if they touch my posters, I'll be haunting them. Also, it's unbelievable to begin with. She states that she is an English major, minoring in Spanish, yet thirty mins into the film she's trying to figure out how to properly pronounce words in order to say," I want to be a teacher"? Really Kellogg's? I think the fact that everyone had me so hyped up off this movie also lead to the fact that I didn't like it. Usually, the majority is right. This time I give the majority an epic fail. I watched it at home, alone, in the dark, and it didn't freak me out as bad as the aliens in Signs. You guys watched it in theaters and wet your pants. I'm sorry I wasted 5 dollars and my time on it. Home recording movies are only good if you've actually got a movie that people won't mind watching a shaky camera for. You don't.

2. Year One. I'm not sure how this movie ends, because I stopped watching it. I think I laughed once before I turned it off. I can't remember if I did. Which probably means if I did laugh at it, it wasn't that funny. Jack Black once was hilarious, back in his Tenacious D years. He was borderline annoying in Tropic Thunder. And Micheal Cera's becoming more and more of a whiny teenager in his roles. I liked Juno. And I'm hoping he doesn't ruin the upcoming Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Year One maybe entertaining to some people, but I just got bored and stopped caring how it would turn out. I saw all the good parts in the trailer anyways. No need to watch the movie.

And the good.
1. The Proposal. It's got Ryan Reynolds. Naked. Need I say more? In case that didn't seal the deal for you, it's a total chick-flick. It's got some pretty hilarious moments, and some pretty ridiculous ones as well, but it was still pretty cute. It ends like all chick-flicks do, so no surprise on the ending, but I would see it at least once. Sandra Bullock is one of my favorite actresses and she plays this part perfectly. She's always manages to be charming and funny in almost all her movies. Plus Ryan Reynolds is naked. And if that doesn't do it for you, there's always Ramone.

2. Surrogates. Now everyone knows I'm an addicted to comics. Movie Adaptations of comics are no different. So of course I'm going to watch Surrogates. I enjoyed it. I didn't get bored with it and I felt the pace for the movie was well laid out. It dives into the question of what is living? IN Surrogates there is a world without risk, without danger, and without fear. Most people don't get out of there PJs everyday. Except for a small group of humans who refuse to take on a surrogate most the population is living life through puppets, which, demonstrated in the movie, is not really living at all. Of course, it shows the advantages as well. But as so eloquently put by one of my spades partners,"You have to risk it to get the biscuit". It also explores human nature. And the fact that most things start out as someone only wanting to do some good. And it quickly goes downhill from there. All in All, An enjoyable movie. Worth the 5 note I paid to own it.

3. American Werewolf in London. I feel about Werewolves, the same way I feel about Zombies, therefore it was surprising I'd never seen this movie before now. I loved it. It's an older film, but for it's day and age, the special effects are pretty awesome. It's got a good storyline and characters that add to the movie instead of just being there to fill up some time. Go buy it if you haven't seen it. Now.

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