Friday, September 18, 2009

HickoryCon and Baltimore Comic Con

Thanks to the fact that things never finish on schedule at work, we've had a major change in days off and such. I now have Saturday nights off. One day! What? Only two good things have come out of this:


That's right. I know no one cares, but HickoryCon is tomorrow and now I get to go! I am really excited. Two of my favorite artist will be there: Billy Fowler and Randy Green. Not to mention a ton of comics, ripe for the buying. I love this show. It's the second time I will be going. They have a spring and a fall show. They guys that host the show are the owners of the comic shops I go by. Time Tunnel Comics and Timmy Mac's Comics and Games. They do an awesome job, so make sure to stop by.

And not to mention I am praying that I will be off on Oct 9th - Oct 11th. The Baltimore ComicCom in Oct10th-Oct11th. Plane tickets are around $100 for round trip. If the job allows, you better believe this cat is making a day trip to Maryland. I'm not even kidding. AspenComics will be there, a million artists and writers that I love and maybe even Zenescope. I can only hope Zenescope will be there. Those guys are awesome.

Well, it's back to work now. Have to make money so I can afford my addictions.

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