Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Catching up on the Motion Pictures. I love you Man. Adventure Land.

After a long week at work, I've decided it's movie catching up time. So I rented a few tonight. And it begins....

I love you, Man. A Bro-mance by any other name, would probably be called something along the same lines. It was an okay movie. I didn't laugh hysterically. It was funny, it just wasn't as funny as some of the other movies I've seen. I love Jason Segal, but he was much funnier in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. As for Paul Rudd, his character was a bit toned down from the other movies I've seen him in. I really liked Role Models ,Knocked Up, and Anchorman. Back to I love you Man. It was basically about a guy that's the girlfriend type. You know the ones, they have more girls that are friends than guys. But he sets out to finds friends basically because everyone is giving him shit about it, including his gay brother played by Andy Samberg of The Lonely Island. He was the best part of the movie. And I enjoyed JK Simmons (Juno, Burn After Reading) as well.

Like every other romantic comedy movie, the plot goes something like this. Boy is sad because he has no friends. Boy finds friends through series of humorous adventures. Boy becomes close to friend, until an event comes between them. (This could be anything, in this movie it's money). Boy has angry moment with friend and they are not friends anymore. Boy's life is a bit sadder due to no friend. In the end Boy forgives friend, all is well! This is the classic romantic comedy plot. It's rather boring. Thus the reason, I'm not all to impressed with the movie. It gets really old after you've seen a thousand movies with the exact same plot with sligtly different jokes and small changes made in what sets events about. In other Rom-Coms, you would just replace boy with girl and friend with boy. It's a vicious cycle and it needs to end.

I'm not big on romantic comedy's for just that reason. I thought Funny People did well with not having Adam Sandler ending up with Leslie Mann's characters. About the only ones I can really stand to watch it Because I Said So and Failure to Launch (I love Justin Bartha and Zooey Deschanel, I hate SJP, not a MM fan either).

Next up: Adventureland. Now before I even watch the movie, I'm going to say I picked this up because it looked funny and has Jesse Eisenberg who will be in Zombieland in it. I've not really seen him in much. He was in The Village, but not a major role from what I can remember. Kristen Stewart (of Twilight fame) is also in the movie, but I'm less concerned with her. So here it goes. And we press the X button on the ps3 controller because I killed my DVD player when it dared to betray me and stopped working.

And....the end credits rolls. I now have the song Pale Blue Eyes by Velvet Underground stuck in my head. As well as the White Lines Zombie version from Shaun of the Dead. Or Freeze!

Back to ze movie. Before the Germans get here. I liked it. Between Eisenberg and Cera, I choose Eisenberg. Although Cera has points for playing Scott Pilgrim. Adventureland was pretty good. It was a cute movie. I love when he gets held at knifepoint over a giant panda. It was basically about a group of twenty-somethings and what they did with their summer. Which was work at Adventureland. And Drink. And Smoke Pot. And Be unruly. Oh. And there was a Disco Club (?) involved. I was kinda confused as to when the events in the movie were supposed to take place. Perhaps they gave a time placement at the beginning of the movie and I missed it. Either way, I despise side ponytails and jean jackets. Despite it having the above mention romantic comedy plot seeping through the drug usage and carny rides, it was a nice way to spend a few hours. I would put this in a category with Waiting. A Work related Comedy more than a romantic comedy really. Also I was impressed with Kristen Stewart. I think she did a pretty decent job in this movie. So did Jesse Eisenberg.

The part I laughed the hardest at, is when he returns home high to eat dinner with his family and his mom is telling him about other grad schools and things he could consider. They start talking about internships on Mister Rogers (I believe Mister Rogers is one of the reason our generations is so messed up) and they talk about the characters are hands puppets. Then his dad does this hand puppet impression and Brennon's like "That's a horrible impression." I thought that was hilarious for some reason.

It's kinda like Employee of the Month(in the way it's work related), which only had two funny moments. One at a party or something with the guy in the coke bottle glasses and the other is when the guy falls on the checkout register. The rest of the movie was shit.

I may purchase Advetureland, when it goes on sale. While enjoyable, I suggest renting it before buying it. So I've created a new category for movies: Work Comedies. Maybe this exists already. Probably. There's nothing better than making fun of something that you hate. And there's nothing most people hate more than their jobs.

I was hoping to catch a few movies in the theater this week, but I don't think I am going to be able to. On the list right now: Whiteout, 9, and Gamer. And I'm probably going to head back to blockbuster tonight and grab a few more movies. It's been a while since I rented anything, so I'm fairly behind. But you gotta do what you gotta do. And some days, playing with my cats is more important than watching a movie. Besides, the cats actually do funny things once in a while.

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