Saturday, August 15, 2009

Four Movies and a Link

Let's start at the beginning. I wasn't loved enough as a child, which led to my love of movies. Plus it's genetic. But enough about me.

The Ugly Truth was pretty good. As one friend described it, it's "a guy's chick flick." Sexual Humor. Yes. Cat Lady. Yes. Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler. Yes. A girlie ending. Of course. But if you're a guy the humor makes up for the mushy love story ending. You knew it was going to end that way anyways. It is still classified as a Romantic Comedy.

Harry Potter and the long ass movie wasn't that bad. I didnt claw my eyes out. But my sister had to pay for my ticket. I would have eventually seen it when it went to DVD. I don't like Harry Potter, but i hate losing, especially if it's Scene It, and we have the DeLuxe Version (very nice) and the Harry Potter Version. I refuse to lose ( although i did lose the last time we played, but just barely).

Knowing could have been an excellent movie. I loved it, up till the last 15 mins, give or take a few mins. It was creepy, it was mystery filled, it had shiny black rocks, and creepy guys driving by and standing in the woods. Plus the music was freaky. I was happy with the way it turned out until the reason for all the hub bub emerged, i was sorely disappointed. It was no longer creepy, it was stupid. I would rather watch Harry Potter again. On the plus side, the movie did promise the end of the world, and it delievered that much at least.

Funny People was funny, and serious. Seth Rogen has been forgiven for Pineapple Express, and Adam Sandler shows that he can still make a decent movie. Lots of actors in the movie, including Eminem, Paul Reiser(Carter from Aliens, give me a break, it was a great movie),Sarah Silverman, Norm MacDonald, Ray Ramono, and of course Torsten Voges (ahem..."Are you mad you died at the end of Die Hard?"). Apatow's daughters are also in the movie, the same girls from Knocked up. It had some pretty good moments. I thought the Tom Cruise/David Beckham/Will Smith joke was hilarious. Go see it, actors need money too.

If you haven't seen Judd Apatow's other movies, I guess you've been living under a rock, but they are all pretty awesome movies. I suggest watching them at least once. Knocked Up, Superbad, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Talledega Nights, Anchorman, and The Forty Year Old Virgin (he was also the writer for Don't mess with the Zohan, Walk Hard, and Pineapple Express, but everyone messes up once in a while). Here's some of his movies, I believe there is a tralier or a clip with each summary.

And if you haven't seen The Hangover, put your big boy pants on and step into the world. There are tigers a plenty (just one) waiting for your viewing pleasure.

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