Monday, August 31, 2009

Fight Club. Comics. Work.

I am actually at work right now, we started NightShift tonight, but the job got postponed until either sunday or monday night. So we sit. And I write a blog because I am bored. And we play stupid word games, like spelling the word backwards and trying to figure out what it is. Or the question game, where you can only speak in questions. It's called Nuclear, and sometimes it can be really boring.

I have been reading Fight Club, which is an awesome book. If you've seen the movie, the book is just as good, if not better in some ways. It's the only Chuck Palachniuk book that I have read so far. I plan on reading more of his works, I just haven't figured out where to start. There's nothing dull about the book Fight Club, there's just as much action and nastiness as the movie has.

I also have read the comic series Madame Mirage by Paul Dini with artwork by Kenneth Rockafort. The storyline is fantastic and very original, but its the art that drew me into this book. Kenneth Rockafort's art style is one of the most beautiful displays of art I have ever seen. Much like I am with Talent Caldwell, Micheal Turner, and Jamie McKelvie art, I will read anything Rockafort's name is attached too. If the story's bad, oh well, the art's perfect. The art is what got me reading comics anyway. I happened upon an issue of the late Micheal Turner's Fathom. And that was it. I now own over 100 issues of Fathom. That, Zenescope's Wonderland and Grimm Fairy Tales Series, and The Boys are my favorites. Batman and Phonogram are a close second. ( I hope Jamie McKelvie returns for a second series of Suburban Glamour ). But Madame Mirage is an interesting story featuring a bold and fearless heroine. Paul Dini writes a compelling storyline and creates vivid characters that Kenneth Rockafort brings to life in his unique style. I've heard rumors of a second volume in the works. I only hope that they bring back both Dini and Rockafort for it.

Top Cow is the company responsible for alot of the comics I read. Witchblade, The Darkness, The Magdalena, Freshmen, and Wanted. Wanted makes a much better comic than it does movie. There is none of the Loom of Fate or purpose to anything, the Fraternity does what they do because they can and because they want too. The storyline is good, the art is good, and there's none of that "everyone has to die at the end to make it right" bs. It's just a feel good, kill everything, blow shit up comic.

I haven't had time to do anything. On Sunday we drove down to SC and got everything set up at my dad's house. Then we drove home on Tuesday night, since we don't have to be at work till 6pm on Thursday. So we drove back into work today to get out Badges and start on NightShift. Hopefully, I will be able to stay at Oconee and continue working into next year.

I've been looking into Clemson University. They actually have programs for Digital Production Arts. If I work there for a year, then I would be able to get in-state tuition. They have the best program for what I'm looking for. Well, that I've seen so far. They offer a Masters in Fine Arts for the program, which is what I'm going for.

I had all these great ideas while I was at work today. I can't remember any of them. I hate days like that. They were intelligent thoughts as well. I have got to start writing things down.

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