Friday, April 2, 2010

Day One of Music

Okay, so I'm a bit behind. I was going to start this 30 days of music thing yesterday, but I decided to drive to NC. So I haven't actually set down to the laptoptill now. So we'll just start today. Speaking of 2nds, did you know the most common street name is 2nd Street? You would think it would be First Street, but First Street is often renamed later to main st or something similar. Anyways, Music. Here we go.

Day One
You Favorite Song.

And here's the deleima. I couldn't decide. But I got it down to two. So here they are:

1. Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy
Fall Out Boy is my favorite band. Patrick Stump has one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard. It was just a matter of choosing which song I liked best. The others that were in the running were HomeSick at Space Camp, Chicage is so Two Years Ago, Sugar We're going down, and A little less Sixteen Candles A little more Touch Me.

2. Wolf Like Me by TV on the Radio
It was between this, Blind, Young Liars, I was a Lover, and Don't Love you. But clearly I made the right choice. I'm always in the mood for Wolf Like Me. There's just something about that song.

And there we have it. Day One of 30 days of Music. By the Way, you should download all these songs, unless it's the ones for the days like: A song that makes you sad, or your least favorite song.

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